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Please answer the following questions to help us create your web site. More information is always better so please elaborate so we can start designing right away to provide you with samples to choose from. This list of questions was created to help us learn as much information as possible quickly. We may have more questions more specific to your project.

Terms and Conditions

Online Web Submission

Online form to easily submit all your information in one place
  • Please enter the name of the person who referred you to our services. Our referrals are very important to us.

  • Please provide them by uploading file to submission.
    If you do have a business card, please provide the file so that we may use it for branding your website.
  • Domain Name Information

  • If your domain is currently hosted, please tell me who it was registered with and who is hosting it.
  • Email Account Information

  • Web Site Functionality:

  • Social Media

  • Web Site

  • You will be able to update content as you see fit, we need to ensure we make this as easy as possible for you. Please list the content you will need changed regularly.
  • Describe what your business offers, to whom it is offered and a succinct reason your business should be considered.
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  • *NOTE: In the event your custom design requires the purchase of any graphics, clipart, fonts, vector art, etc., that I do not have, the additional costs will be added to the base price.

    Yes, I understand custom graphics may be purchased with my approval and added to the price of the website.

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