The Emailer Package

AFFORDABLE Email packages enable your business to communicate to its audience on a regular basis about current offers, company news, latest product ranges and at an inexpensive rate.

  • Email template build
  • Catchy heading
  • Email Delivery
  • Results Analysis
  • Executive Summary (report)

Email Marketing – A cost-effective way to increase your sales!

Email Marketing is a direct marketing technique which uses electronic mail to communicate a message to a wide audience. Not only does it help your business ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS by introducing them to your brand, products and services but it also allows you to engage with your current clients and gain their loyalty. Therefore, your business benefits from REPEAT BUSINESS.

The key to delivering a successful Email Marketing campaign is that the message must be relevant, engaging and tailored to your audience. It should also have a established objective of what is expected from each campaign. In addition, different email campaigns must be tested and analyzed and the results obtained should be used to improve the message on future campaigns.

This process is not rocket-science but it’s very time consuming. We provide expert Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses. Our Email Marketing consultants will build, deliver and manage your email campaigns as well as provide you with reports containing results, analysis and recommendations for future campaigns.

Are you in need of a cost-effective tool to help you boost your sales?

Like most online marketing tools Email Marketing has a very low cost compared to traditional paper mailing, and it allows you to measure and track the results of your campaign within minutes after sending your emails.

If you are a new business and have a small email database we can assist you on the process of gathering more data in order to make the most of each email campaign. We can also custom-design the right email template for your business to ensure it complies with your brand standards.

Email marketing can bring instant results to your business. By delivering promotions, news and sales messages directly to a captive audience you are increasing the chances of your business to engage with your current and prospect clients. As a result, your business benefits from an increase on sales, customers referrals and brand awareness through word-of-mouth. Email marketing is an exciting tool which is flexible and cost-effective and, we should emphasize again, completely measurable.

Our tracking tool allows you to trail who has received, opened, clicked-through to any links or even forward your email to a friend.  All this information is then collected and analyze in order to follow up on leads, increase the database and complete further segmentation for future email campaigns.

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