Word Press

If you plan to start your own website, a great choice for the blog application would be WordPress. WordPress is an Open Source blogging tool offering a comprehensive set of features and support community.

WordPress’ interface is easy for anyone to use. You can create static pages, compose posts, upload information, and publish it all to your website with just a few clicks. With WordPress you can customize the look and interactive nature of your website by manipulating any number of free, or premium, WordPress Themes that are available on the web.

If you already have a website which has not been successful, nor easy to update, we can help modernize it and get you on the path to rebuilding your brand.  Social media marketing is the new business advertising tool today.


  1. When you own a domain name and have that domain hosted you can install the WordPress application to the server. Many hosting companies offer WordPress for FREE as one of their services. Double check with your hosting company to ensure WordPress is an application that is included with your monthly fee.
  2. WordPress has a famous ‘Five Minute Installation’ where it walks you through the installation process and ensures your website is up and running quickly. You will be able to make your first post very quickly.

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