6 Reasons to Start a Business Blog

Many business owners struggle to improve the marketability of their business. There are many avenues available now, and with the advent of social media outlets, the ways to get your company’s name on the lips of customers or potential customers are nearly limitless. One of these methods is by utilizing a blog, and the benefits of blogging are increasingly becoming a motivation for businesses to cross over and tap into the resources of social media.

  1. Blogging can help increase how often you show up in search engine resultsIn most cases, having dozens or hundreds of pages of content may not be the best thing when it comes to converting your website visitors. However, content is extremely important for search engines. Blogging gives you a platform to create more content without negatively effecting your customer’s conversion path on your main business website. With this increase in content your website can show up more often in search engine results and can increase your visibility.
  2. Blogging is a forum for building and strengthening relationships with customersBlogging can increase your direct communications with customers by allowing them to have a forum to interact with you and your business. You can share your views and they can share theirs as well. Your audience will be able to leave comments, tweet your blog posts or even re-post them on their own blogs. This is a revolutionary concept for many businesses that might want to publicize special promotions or humanize their business. The increase in interactions can also help to flat-out increase the word of mouth referrals that can generate sales.
  3. Blogging can help build your brand’s reputationSet yourself apart from your competition in your blog by mentioning what makes your brand exemplary. Use your blog to speak in-depth about your services, news or competitive advantages to potential customers. Blogging in this manner can help you to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  4. Blogging gives you a platform to show your authorityBlogging can serve as a pathway for you to become a topical authority for your customers. Sharing knowledge with customers about your products or services can help position you as an expert that they can trust. By blogging about your field extensively and by taking the opportunity to take over a particular niche, you can generate inquiries to your business’ website through your blog.
  5. Blogging can help your business to ride the trends and better target your audienceFollow the trends and hot topics that are relevant to your business and blog about them. For instance, if your company sells cell phone accessories and news breaks of a new cell phone being released, write a blog post about it. There may only be a short window to write about it, but by doing so you may show up in search results related to the news and increase the chances of customers coming to you for your products in the future.
  6. Blogging can market your business in an economically efficient mannerThe above-mentioned reasons for business blogging can help you market your company for little to no cost. Most advertising strategies can be quite expensive but by letting your inner writer loose and writing blog posts about your company, services or related news you can tap into a strategy that the only cost is your own time.

Ready to start a business blog? When you realize the benefits of blogging and how it can positively impact your business, the move to start blogging can be a decision that you will not regret. For more information, please contact us.

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